Bill Weinaug, art collector and owner of Gallery CERO at Wekiva Island states, “We are making history and I believe we must take on a bigger mission to document what is happening in America during these unprecedented times. Our vision for this project is to build a marketplace where America’s greatest artists can share their 2020 world pandemic experience through their art. We will strive to collect and make this art available to the world through this website, and ultimately share it in a beautifully published tabletop book. The book will document this journey in American history through the eyes of our country’s best artists for all generations to come.” 

Publishing “the book” is the goal of the Paint In™. However, collecting relevant art and the associated stories is the journey. Many artists are familiar with “paint out” events, where they gather to paint en plein air. The Paint In™is a unifying experience for artists, allowing them to paint from their life and emotions wherever they are.

It is our goal to get America’s best to participate, allowing their most emotional and personal stories to be told through their art, their words and even a video if they choose. In addition, this website will become a marketplace for an incredible collection of work with the majority of the proceeds going to help the artists through their struggles during these times. A small portion of the proceeds will help Gallery CERO maintain the mission to publish and promote the art history book that will flow from it. 

The first order of business is getting participation in the Paint In™ from the art community. It is through the art community’s word of mouth marketing that will promulgate this project. We have strived to make the submission process simple through the help of ArtCloud. Artists are asked to submit one piece of work about their story during these unprecedented times. The second order of business is sharing this site with our collectors and friends. When art sells, another piece can be added, thus allowing our collectors further opportunity to build their personal collections. 

Please enjoy THE COLLECTION.